1:1 Mentorship

Are you seeking to infuse soul and heartfelt emotions into your images? Join me for an immersive 1:1 mentorship experience on the picturesque East Coast of Florida. Explore the art of capturing emotions and weaving them into your photography, creating deeply resonating images.

  • In-Person Guidance: Spend 6 immersive hours side by side, delving into the intricacies of photography, from technical skills to emotive storytelling.
  • Tailored to You: Our mentorship is personalized to your aspirations. We start with a Zoom call to align expectations and decide our session date.
  • Preparations and Discussion:  On the day of our shoot, over coffee,  I will answer any questions you may have. Also, we’ll strategize styling, desired images, camera settings, and our session’s flow.
  • Hand-On Learning: During golden hour, we’ll have an outdoor shoot -captivating motherhood  or intimate couple’s session- where you’ll learn firsthand about the angles, light, and emotions-capturing techniques.
  • Post-Shoot Discussion and Editing: Following the shoot, we’ll enjoy dinner while selecting and editing images together, unveiling my workflow and techniques.
  • Continuous Support: This will be within a few weeks after our in-person meeting. This will give us a platform to review our session, clarify points, and refine your skills.

This mentorship isn’t just about technical prowess; it’s about infusing your work with heartfelt narratives and emotive power.


*Optional studio session instead of outdoor for an additional $300.

* If you want to do my mentorship with a friend, each is $1100 for an outdoor session and $1400 for a studio session.



ZOOM Mentorship

Join me for a 90-minute online mentorship session tailored to your individual needs. This mentorship is all about you. It’s an opportunity for open communication where you can share your challenges and questions, and I’ll provide personalized insights and guidance.

  • Emotion in Photography: Learn the art of evoking emotions during your sessions. Discover techniques to capture genuine feelings and create images that resonate with your audience.

  • Camera Settings: Dive into the technical aspects as we go over my camera settings. Gain a deeper understanding of how to optimize your camera for various situations. 

  • Using Light: Unlock the secrets of using light creatively. Understand how to cleverly manipulate light to produce visually exciting images that stand out.

  • Intentional Culling: Discover the art of intentional culling. I’ll guide you through the process of selecting and curating your photographs to create a meaningful and impactful gallery. 
  • Editing Process Revealed: Get an exclusive look at my editing process, from start to finish. Understand the techniques I use to enhance and polish my images.


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