Romantic Engagement Session in Stuart, Florida

As an engagement photographer, I feel privileged to document these milestones for my couples. With the impact of COVID-19 on weddings and the trend towards smaller celebrations, engagement sessions have become even more important. Since couples opt for smaller weddings or elopements, the engagement session becomes a significant opportunity to celebrate their love and announce their engagement to family and friends. It allows them to share their joy and excitement in a more intimate setting, even if they can’t have a large wedding. Also, these photos can be used to create personalized invitations, wedding websites, or photo albums to share with their loved ones.

Laura found me online and wanted me to document this incredible life event for them. They drove 2.5 hours to have this session with me. They trusted me with the location and details. I knew the House of Refuge in Stuart, Florida, would be the best option for this engagement photoshoot. The location has dramatic rocks, allowing us to get some stunning sunset shots. Living on East Coast has some disadvantages regarding sunset photo sessions on the beach. Though I love the ocean, the light is not always optimal for sunset photoshoots, but this location is always perfect for the golden hour. I love the dramatic rocks, which bring a lot of drama to photos. When it is high tide and unable to use the rocks as backdrops, I can easily find alternate areas to make each photo stunning.

I guide them to find the best angles to showcase their love. Ultimately, I captured the joy, love, and connection between them and freeze-framing this moment before they embark on their journey as a married couple.

The primary purpose of an engagement photo shoot is to capture stunning images of the couple. As a photographer, I use my skills and creativity to compose visually appealing shots highlighting my couple’s love and chemistry. It is crucial for me that every image reflects them as a couple and the love they share in the most stunning way.

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Every photo session is important to me, and I want my client to have the best experience and stunning photos. If you’re ready for your session, contact me, and let’s make MAGIC!




I’m Mel and I am a candid storyteller & hopeful romantic. I love seeing the beauty in all things. I focus on capturing intimate connections and memories you can feel.