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Welcome! My name is Mel, short for Meltem, which means the breeze – cool, right? How appropriate for a woman who grew up on the Mediterranean. I’ve been photographing raw connection, love, laughter, and everything in between for 3 years now. My work is all about capturing the essence of YOU and your story as it unfolds in front of my camera. Every session is special to me. It’s beautiful, it’s messy, it’s totally unique. I’m passionate about capturing every part of it. 

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I focus on capturing the profound connections and meaningful moments in your life. My sessions are designed to reflect your unique story, allowing your genuine emotions and relationships to shine through. Whether you are celebrating the anticipation of a new addition to your family, the bond between partners, or the joy and chaos of family life, my goal is to create images that resonate deeply with you

Emotive and Authentic Photography

I strive to create a relaxed and natural environment during our sessions, where you can be yourselves and let your true emotions unfold. This allows me to capture the essence of each moment, ensuring that when you look at your photos, you can relive those feelings and memories as if you were there again. Every image is crafted with care to reflect your unique style and story, creating a timeless collection that speaks to the heart.

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"Mel was a dream to work with! She did an amazing job of making us feel comfortable and making every pose feel natural! I am so glad that we found her."
- Abby L.

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I am not a photographer who focuses on perfectly posed moments. My style is so much LESS formal! It is authentic, natural, and fun. I absolutely love the wind in the hair, splashing in the water, rolling in the sand, cuddling up to each other, carefree giggles, and the moments where I catch you soaking up every second with each other. 

If this sounds like the kind of photography experience you’re looking for, I’d love to work with you to capture your unique story. To get started, you can explore my pricing options and packages.

“I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure. My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”
- Diane Arbus

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