Golden Hour Family Photo Session

This session makes make my photographer’s heart happy.  I love these warm colors and this family couldn’t be cuter. We did this session in Allapattah Flats, we captured these photos during golden hour, and the results are stunning!

Golden Hour is the period of time right after sunrise or just before sunset. Despite its name, golden hour isn’t actually an hour. The duration of the golden hour varies depending on your location, the time of year, and even the weather conditions. While the definition may seem technical, defining the golden hour is anything but precise. The golden hour colors are beautiful. No wonder it is also called Magic hour because it is truly magical!

As a natural light photographer, I know that capturing a great photo relies largely on lighting. For outdoor photos, there is there’s no better time to do so than the golden hour. These stunning family photos are a perfect example of why this short time frame can yield some of the most breathtaking photos you’ll ever see.

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